Our dining area is located in the shaapuhtuwaan, or Great Hall. The traditional shaapuhtuwaan was a dwelling structure used as winter lodging for multiple families. Each family helped in the contribution of food and cooking during the winter months. With this concept in mind, we invite other peoples and cultures to come and share in this experience with us!

As you stroll through the restaurant and lounge areas, you will notice that the fireplace is constructed of limestone rocks found locally, and if you look closely enough, you can fine fossils in some on the rocks.

We continue to honour the traditions of these who came before us. Ours is an ever evolving fare. In the upcoming seasons, we hope to incorporate more local produce, traditional foods, and local game. Whether alone, or in a group, it will be a feast for all your games.

Upon request, we offer vegetarian dishes. For those with allergies, please inform us with details prior to your arrivals, so that we can accommodate your menu.

Our coffee is organically grown and is fair-trade coffee. We purchase from social-responsible business working as partners in Indigenous peoples through coffee cooperatives.